Maintenance services tailored to your garden's needs

While there is a core set of services we implement in each garden, we cater every garden maintenance plan as a response to each garden’s unique needs. Our maintenance services in the Central Arkansas area include proper ornamental tree, shrub, perennial, and rose pruning practices, precise hedge pruning techniques, and preventative treatments, along with mowing, edging, mulching and blowing. Horticultural consultation is another aspect of our maintenance services to help identify plant problems and solve them quickly and this service can even be applied to gardens out of state. We offer the highest quality of services at competitive rates. 

Seasonal color design and installation is a key component to our maintenance services. Our goal is to provide a thoughtful response to the space that includes the architectural and garden design styles along with the client’s preferences to create the appropriate embellishment of  annuals to each garden. PAS&A works closely with local growers and varietal developers to provide the most reliable annuals to our clients.


Maintenance Contact

Nicole Claas Moore
501-376-1894 x12


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